Sheikh Hamed Al-`Ali, instructor of Islamic Heritage at the Faculty of Education, Kuwait and Imam of Dahiat As-Sabahiyya Mosque, states that: “Rizq (Provision)is predestined by Allah with its means just like death is preordained and tied to its causes. For example, people getting killed in a car accident or in a fire explosion is something preordained. The same applies to Rizq; Allah has predestined it with its means, only that the definite form of the Rizq destined for a particular person is unknown. So that’s why man has to strive and pursue the means in order to meet the Rizq predestined for him.
If, after exhausting a certain means, Rizq is not granted, then this means that one’s Rizq is not attached to that means; he needs to try other means. That is how everything in this life works; Allah the Almighty predestined everything through certain means and did not tell us about the future. However, Allah did tell us to take the means so that we can meet the end.”