Dr. Monzer Kahf, a prominent Muslim economist and counselor, states the following: “Income tax, and other taxes the government take from their people, are definitely not stealing, and it is very improper to describe them as such.
Taxes governments take may be either permissible or not depending on why they are imposed. It is haram for any government to impose taxes in order to use the money for aggression and injustices towards its own people or on other people.
Taxes enacted democratically (I insist on using this term because it is specific, and the meaning of the word shura in many people minds is neither clearly defined nor specific) and used to provide services to the public as approved by elected representatives, are certainly permissible.
However, the Islamic public finance system, to my understanding, does not allow taxing people if there are sufficient financial revenues from minerals and other public properties. In other words, in almost all oil producing countries taxing people may not be permissible.”