Dr. Monzer Kahf, a prominent economist and counselor, states: “This is a serious problem for which there is a need for insurance. We do not have today the ‘Aqilah system (collecting such an amount from all the males in the whole clan), it is not in application and it is not feasible to apply it especially in metropolitan areas. The Substitute, as also suggested by the Late Shaikh Zarqa, is insurance, especially if we make it Takaful in the full sense.

For the price of the blood money (the diyyah), it has to come from a court of law. In my personal opinion, we need to set it in today’s currencies for every year and every country depending on prevailing economic conditions and change it whenever currency value changes any substantial change. The point here is: at the time of the Prophet, peace be on him, the amount was set at 100 female camels. At that time, two female camels would provide a family of four with all their needs, the basics at least. This means that human life was very expensive! putting this in current currencies it should be about the minimum yearly basic needs of some 5o families. Can you believe it?

It is definitely not a matter of 20,000 or 100,000 Saudi Reals! It is certainly in the millions of Reals and no less than 1/2 a million US$ or most likely no less than a million Dollar assuming that a small family needs about $20,000 minimum per year in the USA. Of course the numbers are different in other countries. Please notice that during Abu Bakr’s and ‘Umar’s times the value equivalent in currency was raised from 4000 Dirham to 8000 then to12000 in Madinah..”