Regarding the way Tawaf should be preformed, it is explained by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Therefore, a pilgrim should follow the Prophet’s suit when performing the different rituals of Hajj. Here, we cite what Sheikh SayyedSabiq states in his well-known book FiqhAs-Sunnah:

1- One must begin Tawaf with one’s right shoulder uncovered (for men only) and the Ka`bah on one’s left side, while facing the Black Stone, which you should kiss, if possible, or touch with one’s hand, or point in its direction, saying, “BismillahwallahauakbarAllahummaimananbikawatasdiqanbikitabikawawafa’an bi `ahdikawaittiba`anlisunnatinabbiyyisallalahu `alaihiwasallam(In the Name of Allah. Allah is the Greatest. O Allah! [I begin this Tawaf] believing in You, affirming the truth of Your Book, fulfilling my covenant with You, and following the example of the Prophet, (peace and blessings be upon him).”

2- It is encouraged to jog slowly through the first three rounds around the Ka`bah. One should walk quickly, keeping close to the Ka`bah as much as possible, while taking short steps. During the next four rounds, one should walk at a normal pace. If one is unable to jog or get close to Ka`bah, because of the area being overcrowded, one may perform one’s Tawaf in any way possible.

Touching the Yemeni corner (ar-Ruknual-Yamani) is encouraged, and so is kissing or touching the Black Stone in each of the seven rounds of Tawaf, if possible.3- Remembering Allah and supplicating to Him as much as possible is also encouraged. For this purpose, one may choose any supplications that one feels comfortable with, without restricting oneself to any particular supplications or repeating what others may be saying. There are no set supplications prescribed for this purpose. The supplications that some people consider to be prescribed for various rounds of Tawaf are not authentic. There are no such supplications reported from the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). One should pray for oneself, for one’s family and for the Muslims for anything that is good in this life or in the hereafter.