In times of crises, all individuals, organizations, and governments should hasten to help and aid the victims by all possible halah (lawful) means. Religious organizations should precede others in collecting funds for the victims or in encouraging people to donate to relief organizations.
Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of fiqh and its principles, International Islamic University, Malaysia, states: The religious organizations have multiple duties in this crisis:
First, in their sermons they should call upon individuals and governments to come forward to the assistance of the victims.
Second, they should organize lectures and forums to explain to the people the necessity and obligation of assisting our fellow Muslims who are suffering.
Third, they should conduct salat al-gha’ib (funeral prayer in abstentia) for those who have died in this disaster and pray that Allah accept them among the martyrs in the Hereafter.
Fourth, they should coordinate all efforts aiming at contributing or donating to NGOs that are working in the fields.