Donating organs is one of the controversial topics among the contemporary scholars. Majority of the scholars of jurisprudence have allowed it apart from a few. They have allowed it to be donated without money. From the conditions set by the scholars who allow organ donation is that the life of the person receiving the organ will last a long time according to the opinion of the doctors, but if even after the donation the person’s lifetime will remain short according to the doctors, then it is not permissible to donate an organ to him. 

Majority of scholars of jurisprudence have been unable to provide a ruling on what a person should do if they cannot find the required organ, unless they buy it, then should he buy it or not? They have not answered this question yet. 

The Kuwaiti house of Zakat have said that it is permissible to give the funding for treatment to a poor person, as long as the person himself cannot buy it, and it came in the ruling: the meaning of sufficiency here means whatever he and his dependents need in terms of food, clothing, housing, furniture, medical treatment, education for his children, educational books, if these are necessary for his family, and whatever he receives is used without extravagance or miserliness.