First of all, we’d like to state that Islam takes into account the natural human feelings, and, hence, there is nothing wrong with a man’s expressing his tender parental love to his daughter, so long as this is done in the normal framework of a parent-child relationship, with no room for perverted feelings.

A father is also allowed to kiss his daughter provided it is done in the normal framework of  parental-child relationship.

On this issue, Sheikh `AbdelKhaliq Hassan Ash-Shareef, an Egypt-based renowned scholar and da`iyah, said:

“As for the legal ruling regarding a father kissing and hugging his daughters, we say that there is nothing wrong in that if he is doing so in the normal framework of a parent-child relationship or if there is a reason for that, for example if he has just returned from a journey and the kissing is void of any perverted passions. Kissing should also be on the head or the forehead.”