Indeed, congratulating Muslims and imploring Allah to bless them and guide them to that which is good while seizing the opportunity of the new Hijri year is an issue that falls within the domain of permissible acts regarding which there is no stated prohibition. Thus, there is nothing wrong if Muslims congratulate one another, exchange cards and demonstrate their joy with the inception of the new Hijri year.
Sheikh `Abdul-Kareem Al-Khudayr, states the following: Praying for Muslims and congratulating them using phrases that are not meant as a kind of a ritual act is religiously acceptable, especially when such congratulations or supplications are done on special occasions such as the `Eids. Indeed, seizing such happy occasions (such as the `Eids or the new Hijri year) and exchanging congratulations in them is capable of cementing the ties of friendship and solidarity among Muslims. Imam Ahmad (may Allah bless his soul) said: “I do not initiate the greeting but if someone greets me I greet him back because responding to the greeting is obligatory. But being the first to offer congratulations is neither Sunnah nor forbidden.