Islam, as the true religion, pays great attention to the importance of conviction for those who embrace it. Therefore, it lays down the principle that there is no compulsion in religion. In the same vein, it does not accept conversion by illegal means such as ’brain washing.’
Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America, states: “Mind control and brain washing are not allowed in Islam for any reason, including the desire to make a person Muslim. These methods are manipulative and coercive and they contradict the basic dignity of human beings.
Islam emphasizes that the human mind should be clean and clear of any physical or psychological abuse. Thus, as Islam has forbidden the use of intoxicants, such as alcohol and drugs, it similarly forbids any psychic techniques to control the mind and deprive it of its freedom.
Da`wah or calling people to Allah, should be done without any coercion. Allah says, ‘Call to the way of your Lord by wisdom, goodly counsel and present the cause to them through arguments most sound (or beautiful)… ‘ (An-Nahl: 125) Dr. Isma`il Al-Faruqi (may Allah bless him), in his very beautiful article on the Nature of Islamic Da`wah wrote: “Da`wah, therefore, is not the work of magic, illusion, excitement, or any kind of psychotropia. In such cases, the subject is not in control of his power of judgment, and hence, his judgment cannot be properly said to be his ‘personal free judgment’… The Principle that da`wah is far removed from psychotropic induction preserves the freedom and consciousness of choice. These essential elements cannot be affirmed when dilation of the consciousness by chemical or mystifying means occurs…. On the other hand, the unconscious conversion of any person who has been tricked into entering Islam is evil and more evil than that, is the evil of the trickster.”