A detailed response on the sharia regulations that must be observed by those who live in a mixed family has been made by the eminent Muslim scholar and renowned Da`iyah,Sheikh `AbdelKhaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef, who said:

“Living and dealing with those relatives is something natural and Islam does not prohibit it and even encourages building good relations with our families. However, Islam puts some limits and restrictions in dealing and living with a mixed family.

Woman in such family has to wear her hijab in front of any man who if she is not married, has the right to marry her, such as brothers-in-law, and sons of your husband’s sisters and brothers. There must not be any kind of khulwah (privacy/being alone with a non-mahram).

Thus, if you abide by these Islamic regulations you are not obliged to move to a private house, if you can not afford to do this now. However, if there is no any obstacle whether social or financial, you are advised to move to a private house and keep strong and friendly relations with your relatives.”