First of all, it should be clear that Islam encourages both the husband and wife to beautify themselves for each other so that each partner will be pleased and satisfied with the other partner. This, of course, will help spouses be away from the unlawful ways.

Scholars are unanimous on the impermissibility of using human hair for hair weaving or extension. But as regards non-human hair, it’s controversial. The scholars of Hanafi school of jurisprudence allow it. But the scholars of Maliki and Hanbali schools maintain that it’s permissible as long as it doesn’t resemble human hair. The Shafi`i scholars say that using non-human hair is permissible only if it is of a pure substance and the motive behind it (for a woman) is beautify herself for her husband.

Given the above, women can follow the school of thought that better suits their case as long as they maintain good intention and seek to follow the right shari`ah-based course.