It is to be stressed that the relations between the spouses should be based on tranquility, love and mercy. It is the duty of the husband and wife to see that they are a source of comfort and tranquility for each other. They should do everything physically, emotionally and spiritually to make each other happy and comfortable and avoid anything that violates this happiness and comfort.

In response to the question raised, the European Council for Fatwa and Research issued the following Fatwa:

There is hair trimming that a woman does from time to time and that a husband may not even notice due to the very slight alteration being made. Women usually do this so that their hair does not become so long as to be difficult to manage. This form of hair shortening does not usually require the permission of the husband.

However, there are forms of hair shortening and alteration that completely change the appearance of the woman, which may surprise the husband if he wasn’t consulted. This form of alteration requires the agreement of the husband and wife so that their relationship is not affected by this radical change in the woman’s appearance. Due to the fact that a Muslim woman does not show her hair in public nor in front of non-mahram men, it is true that the husband has the foremost right to enjoy his wife’s hair.

A wise woman would be sure to pursue all means of maintaining love and affection between herself and her husband, ultimately leading to good Muslim households becoming the real basis of good Muslim societies.