It is good to have our young and capable children with us during `Umrah trip. It would be a good chance for them to learn how to practically do the `Umrah. When they become mature, they will benefit a lot from this trip.

As for the way they could offer the `Umrah rituals whilst they’re young, parents could teach them how to make the intention and other `Umrah rituals, and help to do these rituals. We cannot say that they are obliged to do the rituals—since they are not mature—but we may try to teach them how to perform the rituals in a correct way.

Here, we’d like to say that the way one performs `Umrah is very easy. It is to enter the city of Makkah with ihram with the intention of `Umrah and then to perform circumambulation around the Ka`bah or tawaf and running or sa`y between the mountains of Safa and Marwa, and finally to shave or clip of one’s hair.