There is no legal proof reported that forbids women from cutting their hair. However, they are prohibited to sell it, so as to block the means that may lead to committing sins such as making or wearing a wig, which is forbidden.
Dr. Mahmud `Akkam, professor of Shari`ah at Syrian Universities, states the following: “As for a woman having her hair cut, she is free either to let it grow or have it cut. However, in order to be away from sin, when doing so, she should not intend to imitate men.”
Moreover, the Islamic Fiqh Academy, states:
“We do not recommend trading in human hair (even if it is used for making textiles such as mats), for hairdressers may make forbidden wigs from it. This is to block the means which may lead to committing sins, and for fear that this may lead to trading in human organs. In brief, it is permissible for women to have their hair cut but it is forbidden to sell it.”