Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee states that: “I think that when men use contact lenses, they use them primarily to cure their sore eyesight. Such form of use both for curing long-sightedness and short-sightedness is purely for a medical purpose. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in using contact lenses in this case because they here resemble normal eye glasses. What applies to men, according to the previous ruling, applies also to women.
However, if women use those contact lenses for the purpose of exposing beauty, drawing men’s attention and causing temptation, there is no doubt that such thing is strictly prohibited.
Here, we would like to refer to an important point, relating to the common habit noticed in some girls wearing colorful contact lenses and choosing the green in particular for the purpose of attraction, and physical appearance. So, the ruling on this is based on the purpose and intention. If the aim behind wearing such contact lenses is to cause sedition and obtain gains out of deception, then there is no doubt that wearing such lenses in this case is forbidden.”
Shedding more light on this issue, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, Imam and religious director at both the Islamic center of Toronto (Jami mosque) and the Islamic foundation of Toronto, and instructor at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, says: “The Shari`ah has come to observe three categories of people’s interests (Masalih), namely Daroriyyat (necessities), Hajiyyat (complementary), and Tahsiniyyat (embellishments). In all of its rulings the Shari`ah aims at the realization of one or the other of these Masalih.
As far as the issue of women wearing colored contacts is concerned, I would like to raise this question: under which category of the foregoing interests can we put this act? I cannot say it is Daroriyyat, nor Hajiyyat, or Tahsiniyyat because I wonder why do women think they should do that?
Further, some of these modern cosmetics aim at changing Allah’s creation in some forms like changing the color of the eye. Allah has given each woman a beauty that she can adorn herself and beautify for her husband without going to the extreme and doing something which might be considered repugnant according to the Shari`ah.
I do not say wearing colored contacts is haram since there is no certain operation to be undergone with a view to changing the color of the eyes forever. But I would say it is a kind of excessive beautification which is not recommended in Islam. Islam, as a religion that is based on moderation, does not approve of going to the extreme in anything.
However, if such kind of lenses are used for medical purpose and for the sake of treating sickness in the eyes, then it is a necessity which is given exception in Islam.”
Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajid, a prominent Saudi lecturer and author, adds:
“There are two types of contact lenses:
1- Ophthalmic contact lenses: Those that are used to correct sight defects. There is nothing wrong with using this kind of contact lenses on the advice of a specialist oculist.
2- Colored cosmetic contact lenses: These come under the rulings on adornment. If a woman wears them for her husband, there is nothing wrong with it. If she wears them for other to see her, then it should not cause any fitnah or temptation. There is also the condition that they should not cause any harm, and there should be no element of cheating or deceiving, such as a woman wearing them when she meets the man who is proposing marriage to her.“