Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Member of the Executive Committee of the Fiqh Council of North America and the Religious Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, states: “It is always good to use something where there is no doubt of haram or illegal nutrient in this supplement. Hence, Muslims should be careful if we are not sure whether the gelatin is taken from haram animal like pig or just from an animal which is not slaughtered according to Shari`ah law. If it is confirmed that it is from illegal sources, then looking for alternate lawful supplement is recommended, but don’t forget that many contemporary jurists allow the use of some chemical nutrients which lose their essence during the process of interaction with other chemical elements; therefore using your supplements will be quite permissible because the gelatin might lose its original properties during the process of manufacturing. But still, I will recommend that we look for alternate which could be helpful like the present supplement and beyond any doubt or suspension of produce from illegal substance.”