Islam lays great importance to knowledge and those who search for it. Allah the Almighty raised the position of scholars in different verses with different contexts. We are recommended to pay great tribute to our great scholars. Imams of fiqh such as Abu Hanifa occupy specific position in the heart of every Muslim. It should be noted that the collection of hadith of Abu Hanifa does not take the same degree of authenticity as that of Al-Bukhari.

Abu Hanifah is one of the four founders of the Muslim schools of thought. He excelled many other scholars and he was famous for his unmatched intelligence and piety. He excelled in jurisprudence (fiqh) and established a very famous school of thought that is followed by millions of Muslims. He has the musnad (collection) of traditions which contains a very limited number of traditions. It was not given the same status of veneration as that of al-Bukhari as the latter used some techniques and criteria to verify hadiths that the former did not use. It was the scholars of hadith who made this classification of hadith collection. This does not undermine the high esteem of Abu Hanifa but scholars excelled in different fields such as fiqh, hadith etc.