The Messenger of Allah said regarding the Prayer, “Perform prayer as you have seen me performing it.” (Sunan  al-Dar Qutni). Accordingly, we have to observe the Prophet’s way in performing prayer and this includes all the parts of the Prayer starting with TakbiratAlIhram (Saying Allah akbar [Allah is the Greatest] at the beginning of the Prayer) till the end of prayer. There is a great reward for those who offer prayer properly. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “There are five Prayers that Allah the Almighty made obligatory; whoever performs their Wudu’ (ablution) well, offers them at their times, and perfects their bowing, prostration and humbleness; there is a pledge on Allah to forgive him. Whoever does not have so, there is no pledge on Allah; He may forgive him if He wishes and may not forgive him if He wishes not.” (Abu Dawud)