Zeinab  Al-`Alawani, Instructor of Fiqh and Islamic Studies,Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, states the following: “There is a big difference between hayaa’ and timidity. Timidity is a state of fear due to lack of courage and self-confidence, while hayaa’ is a state of modesty and bashfulness where the person behaves in a certain way to avoid arrogance and ostentation. Hayaa’ is not a state of fear, it is rather a feeling of strength because when the woman, for example, displays a modest and bashful behaviour in terms of speaking, walking, dressing, etc. that gives her a sense of distinction where she feels unique and therefore strong, but not arrogant because hayaa’ is the opposite of haughtiness and self-conceit.
One of areas where misconceptions about hayaa’ and timidity occurs is the field of education and learning. A timid person lacks in self-confidence, which makes him or her nervous that is even afraid of asking question.
On the other hand, a person with hayaa’ does not fear but rather behaves in a humble way that secures respect for the teacher or honour for the students.”