One of the most authentic narrations mentioned about the antichrist is that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to seek great refuge in Allah from his tribulation.

It was reported in Sahih Muslim that his appearance is the first sign of the Great Hour and that he will emerge from the direction of the East, and he will spend forty days tormenting people to denounce their belief – one day of it will be likened to a year and a day is like a month, and another is like a Friday, and other days are like normal days.

On a day that is like a year, five prayers would not sufficient, rather every twenty-four hours must be regarded as an hour for five prayers, as in the aforementioned hadith, “calculate it accordingly”. The Prophet ‘Isa peace be upon him will kill him at the door of Lod. [reported in Sahih Muslim, vol.18, p. 65- 76]. 

In the book “Mashareq Al-Anwar” by Sheikh Al-‘Adawi, there were lots of discussions about him with both authentic and weak narrations, and he talked about his followers. He also mentioned whether he was born in the days of the Messenger or will he be born near the Hour of Resurrection. He talked about the signs of his arrival and his horrible appearance and the unwanted things he would perform. It is written between his eyes “kaafir (a disbeliever)” and that he cannot enter Makkah and Madinah because of the angels safeguarding them. He has many lures with which he tortures people to believe in him, and the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him met him and requested him to accept Islam.