Postponing Hajj Due to Urination Problem

As salamu alaikumI feel so embarrassed to ask this question but I am helpless. The last date to register for Hajj here in Bangladesh is 6th July, 2008. Based on the answer, I will decide whether I will go for Hajj this year or not. So please reply me as soon as possible.I am 25. My condition is: after urinating, i adopt some other common measures like sitting down and standing up several times to ensure that there is no urine inside my secret part. All these take some 3-5 minutes. Then there remain no sign of urine. But after more 3-5 minutes later, very small amount of urine, even not a single drop, appears at the tip of the penis. Then if I clear this, it does not come more or at most one/two more time after another 3/4 minutes. I noticed that if my urine is "whiter" or much like water in color (that is the result of drinking much water) i.e. thinner, then this problem no longer exists i.e. it takes 3-5 minutes to urinate and to be clear. But if the urine is a bit yellow i.e. thicker i.e. if i urinate after a long time, then this problem increases.The essence is: if my urine is a bit yellow i.e. thicker, then it takes 12-20 minutes to be clear totally after urination. Otherwise, if the urine is whiter in color i.e. thinner, then it takes 3-5 minitues.I wanted to perform Hajj this year. But there will be huge number of people and comparatively small number of toilet (naturally), so I can not occupy toilet for 15 minutes each time as others will be angry with me. Also it will be not so easy, Illa mashaAllah, to go to toilet twice for each urination ? one for urination and later another one for washing the secret part. So what can I do? Will I postpone Hajj until Allah Almighty solves this problem? But this time I got very suitable time for Hajj regarding my study. I did not go to any doctor because I think it is not any disease. I don?t know what to do?please advice me for the sake of Allah.I am very anxious about this. Many thanks for your kind help.