Fear is an intrinsic feeling in all human beings. However, in some abnormal cases, this usually excusable feeling turn into a phobia that makes a person refrain from ordinary practices and social interactions.

A Muslim should entertain trust in his Lord and harbor full confidence in His protection and absolute content with His predestination. If these meanings are truly embedded in one’s heart, he or she will never suffer such a phobia.

answering the question, Dr. Salah Al-Sawi, stated,

Maintaining a solid belief in Allah is the remedy of all hearts. If people are firmly confident that Allah Alone is the One Who brings goodness, repels evil, brings benefit, inflicts harm, and bestows bounties on whomever He likes, they will be content with their Lord and never hold any fear of anyone.

therefore, I encourage those who suffer from such a phobia to regain this good conviction about their Lord and perfect their acts of worship. This will draw them closer to the mercy of their Lord. Afterward, they will definitely, in sha’ Allah, find the traces of Allah’s mercy and compassion in a way that they never expected. And Almighty Allah knows best.