In today life, Muslims, like others, look for their living sustenance and therefore they may become occupied with their affairs. So, they attempt to find something to remind them with their religious duties. Though they might not be attentively focusing on the sermons or recitation of the Qur’an, some Muslims play such tapes in view of that they may grasp even a short part of what the Muslim scholar says on the tapes or the like.

These recordings are mostly delivered by righteous Muslim scholars who are known for their comprehensive awareness and devoutness. Also, these tapes must be licensed by the concerned authorities who listen to such recordings and allows their public use.

As noted above, people who play these recordings in the background are motivated by several things. They try to listen to something that reminds them of the religious orders, shows them manners of worshipping Allah, relates to them stories of the preceding generations and clarifies for them the required duties of time. Some people may turn them on while working or driving in order to bring a spiritual atmosphere around so as to help others around avoid forbidden acts such as backbiting and the like. Some may intend to remind other people of the Islamic ethics and duties..

It should be noted that the right way to listen to such recordings is to be completely focusing on them. Moreover, a Muslim is not allowed to cause harm to others by raising the sound of the cassette or playing such recordings or any recordings where there are people who do not approve such matter because it interrupts their concentration on their works.