Regarding performing recital prostration in a detestable time (before sunset) the majority of scholars are of the opinion that it is detestable to perform prostration of recitation in detestable times. But imam Shafi’i said that it is permissible because there is a reason for performing it.

In the Kuwaiti Juristic Encyclopedia the Hanafis, Malikis, Hanbalis said that the prostration of recitation shouldn’t be applied in the detestable times to perform non-obligatory prayers. This is because of the generality of the Prophetic hadith in which he is reported to have said, “There should be no prayer after Subh (morning) prayer till sun rises and should be no prayer after `Asr (afternoon prayer) till the sunset.”

But Shafi’is are of the opinion that it permissible to perform recital prostration in the detestable times because this prostration has a valid reason.

To sum up, the majority of scholars concurred that it is not desirable to perform recital prostration in the detestable times. However, Shafi’i permitted its performance. Of the above opinions the Muslim chooses the opinion which suits him keeping in mind that Islam is the religion of mercy.

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