A basic belief that a Muslim must have is to believe that no one knows the Unseen (Ghayb) but Allah the Almighty. Moreover, a Muslim has to believe that this world is nothing but a fleeting life and that whatever afflicts him in it is predestined by the Knowledge and wisdom of Allah. So, even if something bad happens to him, he should not fall prey to impatience and grieve, as his faith in Allah assures his heart and fills it with serenity.

Consequently, we need to:

–  free our minds of entertaining such thoughts about the future. Just take the necessary and legitimate means to protect ourselves against any real threat without much exaggeration or undue panic.

–  Have full trust in Allah and in His protection to His pious servants. Thus, we need to draw ourselves near to Him through acts of worship.

–   Make sincere du`a to Allah to relieve us of such thoughts and seek refuge with Him.