“Name numerology” is claimed to be a method to unveil the hidden information in our names. Some claim that the birth name reveals the personal traits and characteristics unique to one when born. When one changes one’s name after marriage, they claim, he/she can have an idea of what his/her life will become.
As regards the belief that name numerology has power in realizing one’s wishes, traits, and characteristics or in determining one’s future plans or what his life will become, it’s a baseless idea; there is no room in Islam for such thing.
There is no room in Islam for anyone predicting the future or revealing the Unseen. As Muslims we believe that only Allah has the full and accurate knowledge of the future and the Unseen. It is forbidden for Muslims to consult the future tellers, astronomers, or numerologists. We should not believe in their predictions.
The Qur’an says, “No soul knows what it will earn tomorrow…” (Luqman: 34) The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not associate with the astrologers [as-hab an-nujum].” (Reported by Ahmad)
In this context, the prominent Muslim scholar, Mufti Ibrahim Desai states: “Using astrology or numerology to determine the future is haram. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) cursed people who practice fortune-telling. Therefore, the people should be discouraged from following this sinful practice.”
Moreover, S. A. Mohamed Burhanudeen, writes:

“Numerology is prohibited in Islam. Some people have introduced this in Islam by giving some numbers to Arabic letters. Our innocent Muslims believe that this is also part of Islam. Islam is the true religion of Allah. He perfected His religion in all aspects. No one can introduce any new thing in the religion. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has warned severely about importing innovations into Islam, for it has been perfected by Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Every innovation is misguidance and going astray, and all what drives man astray leads to Hell-Fire.”

Based on the above, we can say that we, Muslims should believe that every thing is preordained by Almighty Allah. Names or name numerology has no impact on one’s personality or traits. So, it doesn’t befit a true Muslim to change his name or anything else motivated by such baseless ideas that has nothing to do with the truth.