In our wedding ceremonies, we should observe the rules of the Shari`ah and avoid any violations to those rules. This may be done through avoiding mixed dancing as well as other aspects that are not in line with the teachings of Islam.
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Fiqh Council of North America, states the following: The basic requirement for wedding ceremony is nikah. This is a formal contract of marriage and it should take place in the presence of the bride and the groom or their representatives, the wakil (guardian) of the bride, and two witnesses.

The qadi or the marriage officer then performs the marriage with the khutbah (sermon) of nikah and then the ‘ijab (offer) and qubul (acceptance) take place.
All other additions are cultural and are not required by Islam. It is better that Muslims keep their wedding ceremonies simple and dignified and not waste their money on unnecessary things. Also, ladies who attend the wedding should be dressed according to the rules of Islam.
The entertainment in marriage, such as beating of drums or singing some songs, is permissible. Dances that involve men and women dancing together are not allowed, neither in marriage nor at any other time.