In principle, nasheed is permissible if the following conditions are met:
1) Its theme and content doesn’t conflict the teachings of Islam;
2) Listening to it doesn’t lead to ignoring basic duties such as Prayer, dhikr, etc;
3) It is not surrounded by unlawful practices, such as mixed dancing between men and women.

So, generally speaking, nasheeds could be a good means of da`wah if it had a good theme and does not contradict any of the Islamic teachings.

As for music, As for your question, it should be clear that music that is free of un-Islamic and immoral themes and messages is permissible.

In other words, we are allowed to listen to any type of music that fulfills the following criteria:
1. Its message is noble and ethically sound in Islam;
2. It is not addictive or distracting from one’s important duties or obligations;
3. It is not over-done; in other words, one must never indulge in it except as an occasional outlet, for a believer has other important things in life that he/she must focus on, so do not use it except as an occasional outlet or diversion. As reported in tradition, ‘You should have occasional outlets!’

As for musical instruments, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: “Many of the scholars of Islam, both ancient and modern, consider all forms of musical instruments except duff (tambourines) as forbidden; but, there are other scholars, who consider music and musical instruments as forbidden only if and when they are used for themes or messages that are declared as forbidden or undesirable. Based on the second view, as long as one stays clear off undesirable themes, and messages, then musical instruments can be considered as permissible. You must, however, remember that this permission is conditional on the fact that you are resorting to music as an occasional outlet only; for there is no doubt whatsoever that if your indulgence in music in any way interferes with your performance of your worship or other obligatory duties, then it shall be considered as strictly forbidden.
So, use it only as an occasional outlet. The Prophet, peace be upon him, has permitted us to have occasional outlets in order to help us recuperate and refresh ourselves. Resorting to such occasional outlets may in fact be beneficial for our enhanced productivity/creativity. May Allah help us to maintain proper balance in our life, avoiding all forms of extremes, Amen.”