Every committed Muslim is supposed to be a very active member in the community where he lives. Taking the initiatives to do good works in the community is a basic Qur’anic ordinance, and hence a Muslim should not lag behind, especially whenever the situation demands his active, positive and fruitful intervention as well as contribution.
Here we would like to quote Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, an Islamic scholar stating:

“You have indeed raised a vital issue. Many Muslims today are apathetic. Unless they shake off this apathy and complacency and participate in the communities they are part of, they will be marginalized.

Muslims are ordered in the Qur’an to take the initiative to do good works in the community. If they fail to do so, they will be guilty of shirking their mission and responsibility. How can Muslims be faithful to the Qur’anic order when they separate themselves from the responsibility of the community? Did the Qur’an not teach us that all Prophets were part of their communities, as they addressed them as “my people”? Are we in a position to address them as “my people”?

Participating in community life is not only a recommendation, but a mandatory duty prescribed by the teachings of Islam.
We cannot practice Islam effectively unless we become proactive in such activities. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), said that he would not hesitate to rush to join hands with others in such activities. In another report, he is reported to have said, “He would prefer such participation to owning the whole world as a treasure!”

So it is an urgent call of duty for Imams, scholars, leaders, writers, and speakers to motivate Muslims and change their misgivings about participating in community life.”