The eminent Azharite scholar Sheikh `Abdul-Majeed Subh, states the following: “First of all, I would like to stress that feeling comfortable to share our worries and thoughts with somebody is something originally permissible in Islam. However, doing this with an opposite sex should be avoided as it may lead to something which is unlawful in Islam. 

As for complaining about certain person, it is rather advisable that when we share our bad experience with someone else not to mention the names of people who committed wrong to us. If we are sincerely seeking the advice, we ought not to mention names. we should just mention the act done against to us and how to go out of it. In this case, we can say for example, ‘ a person did such and such etc..’

The best course of action, as far as this issue is concerned, is to avoid telling anybody about the bad situations we were exposed to as it is surely that those who hear from us will communicate with others and tell them and we will end up being a vicious circle of backbiting.

All in all, if there is no way out but to tell, do tell a trustworthy person from the same sex and avoid mentioning names.

May Allah rescue us all from our evil inclinations and guide us all to the best.”