It is disliked to pray optional prayers after `Asr or Fajr Prayers. However, making up for missed Prayers, praying the Funeral Prayer and some other Prayers that have a specific reason is permissible during these times.

Dr. MainK. Al-Qudah stated: The prohibition of praying after Fajr and `Asr is limited to praying only optional prayers which have no specific reason, but if there is a reason, then praying after Fajr and `Asr is allowed.
It was authentically narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) himself prayed two rak`ahs after `Asr. And, when he was asked why, he replied: “I am making up for theZhuhr PrayerSunnah that I missed due to another duty I was involved in
.”  (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)