Actually, the issue of a state’s possessing weapons does not need much attention as does the point of how these weapons are used and utilized. Also, it must be stressed that when there’s a concern as to the danger of these weapons, attention must not be focused on one side. Double-standard policy must not be adopted in this case if we really cater for the interest of the whole world. Islam calls for the preservation of environment and this includes purging the universe of all what may harm it. But this must be done under the principle of justice, for nothing can be accomplished without that. Clarifying this point further, and shedding light on Islam’s stand on weapons of mass destruction, Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America, states:

“Islam is the religion of peace: peace in life of the individual, family and society. Islam stands for the peace among the people and communities and peace in the whole world. But Islam is also the religion of strength. Islam is aware of the fact that world in which we live is not the ideal world. There are forces of evil and corruption in this world. The believers must be on their guard and should be strong, so that they are not attacked. The greatest deterrence of war is strength. The greatest defense is to be strong. If you are physically strong, the chances are that you will not get sick. The infections and the bacteria will not attack you. Similarly if you are strong, your enemies will think many times before attacking you.

Allah says in the Qur’an: “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to frighten the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom you may not know, but whom Allah does know. Whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly. But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah: for He is the One that hears and knows (all things). Should they intend to deceive you, verily Allah is sufficient for you: He it is Who strengthened you with His help and with the Believers. He put affection between their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have produced that affection, but Allah has done it: for He is Exalted in might, Wise. O Prophet! Sufficient unto you is Allah, and unto those who follow you among the Believers.” (al-Anfal:60-64)

Islam does not say that you can only fight by swords or guns, but it is indeed against all weapons of mass destruction. It teaches that in wars also we must not attack the civilians and non-combatants. We should be careful not to destroy animals, agricultural lands, water resources etc. Allah has condemned those who make mischief in the land by destroying the tilth and living beings. Allah says: “And among the people there is the type of person whose speech about this world’s life may please you, and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart; yet he is the most contentious of enemies. When he turns his back, his aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But Allah loves not mischief” (al-Baqarah:204-205)

It is reported that when the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to send an army, he used to instruct them beside other things, “Do not mutilate anybody, nor kill any minor or woman…” Similarly the first Caliph Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, used to say, “Do not mutilate, do not kill a minor child or an old man of advanced age or a woman, do not hew down a date-palm nor burn it, do not cut down a fruit tree, do not slaughter a goat or cow or camel except for food. May be you will pass by people who have secluded themselves in convents, leave them in their seclusion…”

It is important to remember that it is not Muslims who invented nuclear bombs. It is not Muslims who introduced these bombs to the world. There exist at least 50,000 nuclear bombs in the world today and they are all in the hands of non-Muslims. Or one can say that there are at least one million bombs as strong as the one thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. That atomic bomb killed about 120,000 people, many thousands were wounded or came under the affect of atomic radiation. The civilized world should have never allowed the development of these weapons. But once they exist, there is an incentive, and perhaps a need also, for others to develop them for their own security.

It is very expensive to develop and maintain these weapons. The United States spend about forty billion dollars every year to maintain its nuclear arsenal. Poor countries need money to feed their masses, to educate them and to provide them other basic need. But some time they are pushed into this situation. India developed these weapons and had its test. Pakistan came under great pressure to do it for its own security.

We must also join the anti-nuclear movement. There should be a universal ban on the testing, development and possession of nuclear and all weapons of mass destruction. All countries including the US, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan or any other declared or undeclared nuclear nation, should destroy these weapons and should make an agreement that the nuclear technology is only to be used for humanitarian and peaceful purposes.”