Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, deputy chairman of the International Fiqh Academy and professor of fiqh and its principles at the International Islamic University, Malaysia, states: Certainly, Islam stands for natural beauty and respect of the creation of the Almighty. Islam also forbids all forms of cheating and changing the creation of Allah for the sake of gaining an inspired style or type of beauty. In this context and looking at your kind objective, I shall tell you that you do not need to go for such a cosmetic surgery of buttock. Thus, such a surgery falls under prohibited attempt to change the creation of Allah.
Furthermore, it is a form of cheating and disgracing what you were given by the Almighty. I shall equally remind you that you have to accept the will of Allah and His divine design and there is no valid reason for you to feel pain psychologically. Islam calls upon all followers to accept whatever Allah gives them and whoever accept whatever Allah gives him or her, he or she will be the most happy and stable person on the earth.