The conference of the Islamic Fiqh Council held during its 6th conference at Jeddah in the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 17th-23rd Sha’ban 1410 AH, corresponding to March 14th-20th 1990 CE, reviewed the research and recommendations related to genital transplant, which was one of the topics of the sixth Medical Jurisprudence Symposium held in Kuwait from Rabi` al-Awwal 23-26, 1410 AH, corresponding to 10-23 / 26 / 1989AD, in cooperation between this association and the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences.

They decided the following on gonadal implantation and reproductive system transplantation.

1. Gonadal implantation: Since the testicle and ovary continue to carry and secrete the genetic traits (the genetic code) of the transplanted person even after transplanting them into a new recipient, transplanting them is forbidden according to Sharia.

2. Reproductive system transplant: Transplantation of some organs of the reproductive system that do not transmit hereditary traits – except for core private parts – is permissible due to legitimate necessity and according to Shariah rules and standards.