Responding to this issue, Sheikh Hatem Mohammad Al-Haj Aly,  professor of Fiqh said:

“The answer to this is twofold.

Is it halal to eat or work in this restaurant?
Yes, it is halal.

Is it better to eat or work in one that doesn’t have such statues?
Yes, it is.

Cautious piety is the characteristic of the devout believers, and they do much to stay away from haram, and they always work to have a cushion of doubtful things between them and that which is haram.

Having said that, we can’t say to the Muslims, particularly in non-Muslim countries that they can’t shop or work at stores that have irregularities or things that are counter to our sharia, because of the obvious hardship in this, as may be recognized by those who live in such conditions.

Thus, that is true as long as the function you perform or the food you eat is halal. However, if you find a place that doesn’t have any irregularities, then Allah had given you an alternative that is better and safer for your heart and religious commitment.