First of all, Muslim women should never give up supplicating Allah Almighty to grant them a good righteous husband keeping in mind that everything in this universe goes as ordained by Allah Almighty. It maybe that Allah is keeping a very righteous husband who deserves them, and the suitable time has not come yet, and hence it is advisable to exercise remarkable patience and to stick to the lawful means of seeking a righteous husband allowing not despair and the accursed Satan to overwhelm our thinking as women or derive us to commit that which is haram in Islam.

With this in mind, we can say that there are certain general supplications which help fulfil one’s wishes. It has been reported on the authority of `Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: If anyone wishes to solicit something from Allah or from human beings, let him perform ablution and offer two rak`ahs of Prayer, and then praise Allah and send salutations on His Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and then supplicate as follows:
Laa ilaaha illaa Allaah al-haleem al-kareem subhaana Allah rabbi al-`arshi al-azheem, al-hamdu lillaahi rabbi al-`aalameen, as’aluka moojibaati rahmatika wa `azaa’ima maghfiratika wa al-ghaneemata min kulli birrin wa as-salaamata min kulli ithmin laa tada` lee dhanban illa ghafartahu wa laa hamman illaa farrajtahu wa laa haajatan hiya laka ridhan illaa qadaytahaa yaa arhama ar-rahimeen.
(There is no god but Allah, the Clement, the Bountiful; glory be to Allah, Lord of the Mighty Throne; praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds; I ask of You for the things that merit Your mercy and the things that bring me Your forgiveness; I beseech You for all that is virtuous, and freedom from all sins; do not leave for me any sin unless You forgive it, no worry unless You remove it, and no legitimate need of mine that is pleasing to You unless You fulfil it, O the Most Merciful of those who show mercy!)

Also, you can meditate frequently on the following:
Yaa hayyu yaa qayyoomu bi rahmatika astagheethu.
(O the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsisting Source of all beings, I beseech Your Mercy, so have mercy on me.)
Rabbi innee bimaa anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeer.
(O Lord, I remain ever in need of any good that You may send my way.)
While offering these supplications, you should never fail to keep your mind and eyes open to look for suitable candidates. You should make use of all available responsible avenues and resources in the community through seeking the help of righteous family members or people at the Islamic center whom you trust to find a suitable match for you.

With the above in mind, we do recommend single and searching women to make use of the following helpful tips given by Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in which he states:

1. Attending various Islamic gatherings at Islamic centers or in mosques and engaging in business like conversation with the members of the opposite sex, without being isolated with them.
2. Making use of brothers and sisters who may introduce to prospective candidates and talk to them under supervision.
3. Doing some kind of correspondence with candidates who have advertised their names in the Islamic magazines.
In the time of the Sahabah (Prophet’s Companions), they used to meet people sometimes in the presence of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and sometimes in other circumstances. For instance, on a number of occasions women used to come offering themselves as candidates for marriage. Accordingly, some men would accept to get married to them. This shows that the Sahabah were very simple and undemanding about choosing their partners so long as they had the basic religious and character requirements. In this society, generally speaking, we tend to put so many conditions and requirements that are not essentials from an Islamic perspective. In Islam, the basic thing we should consider in marriage is religion and character. All other requirements we can compromise.
The Companions also used to make other people introduce them to possible candidates. They would see each other and occasionally talk with them in order to determine their eligibility for marriage.

Based on what is mentioned above, we do conclude that women generally should remain committed to their religion while supplicating Allah earnestly to grant them a righteous husband. There is nothing wrong if the would-be husband is a new convert after being assured of his good character and religious commitment.