Praying to Allah to save us from the Hellfire and to admit us into His Paradise is not only permissible but recommendable. In fact, we do good deeds in order to please Allah and to gain His reward in the Hereafter, which He prepared for the righteous among His servants who were cautious during their lives not to displease Him by violating His commands or transgressing His prohibitions.

The companions of the Paradise will be compensated for the hardships they faced in this world. They will have all they wish and desire. Allah the Almighty said, “Surely the dwellers of the garden shall on that day be in an occupation quite happy. They and their wives shall be in shades, reclining on raised couches. They shall have fruits therein, and they shall have whatever they desire” (Yaseen 36:55-57)

Therefore, Muslims should actually focus on how to reach this Paradise and be among its dwellers so that they can have all that they wish and desire.