Dreams should not occupy our minds. The issue of dreams has occupied the minds of some Muslims to a great extent instead involving in doing good deeds and help to maintain their communities. Dreams have nothing to do with reality. The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The good dreams could be seen by the pious worshipper”, and in another Hadith he says: “nothing has been left after me except Mubasherat.” When he was asked about the meaning of that word, he said it is the good dreams.

Dreams or visions are not sources of legislation, so it shouldn’t be threatening or frightening to anybody and it doesn’t have a binding force of legal rules.
Secondly, the interpretation of dreams is not an experimental knowledge but a divine gift bestowed on whom Allah wills. It is not a science that has certain laws; it is merely based on opinions, and hence what is written or said about the interpretation of dreams is not reliable and cannot be taken for granted.
as for interpretation of dreams, this issue is certainly one of hidden secrets known only to Almighty Allah, the Knower of the Unseen. So all that is written or said of the interpretation of dreams is just a matter of personal reasoning and is not reliable. Dreams do not reflect the re ali ty. Sometimes what we see in dreams is only medley of dreams. The Qur’an says: (They said: “A confused medley of dreams: and we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams.”) (Yousuf 12:44)

According to a tradition of the prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) if the dream is good then it is from Allah and you can inform others about it. If it is bad, then it is form Satan and you should not inform others about it as it wont hurt you. Unfortunately lots of Muslim have become very busy with dreams, dreams interpretation, etc., and they pay loads of money for those who presume to interpret dreams. We need to focus on working hard and keep racing other nations instead of involving in dreams, etc.