As far as Islamic sharia is concerned, the words of divorce should never be taken lightly as it affect the sacred bond of marriage. Using the words of divorce in haste or anger is not right. These words are serious and one should say them with the full understanding of the consequences.

With regard to issuing divorce in a state of anger, generally speaking, we can say that divorce does not count only in the case of anger that renders one unconscious and completely unaware of what he says; it is like madness in which one may kill any one while he is not aware, but in the case that anger is normal and has no effect on man’s awareness, talaq counts. As we cannot judge your state of anger while pronouncing divorce, it is our advice to contact the Imam of a nearby Islamic Center and to bring all information about your divorce in front of him.

In the case your triple divorce is considered as valid, it will be counted as one irrevocable divorce (talqahba’inah) which means that you can only take her back to your authority though a new marriage contract that requires a new ijab (offer) and qabul (acceptance) and new dowry.

Having stated the above, it is our advice to contact the Imam of the nearby Islamic Center to know the ruling about your case and to know about the seriousness of issuing divorce.