There is actually a fancy story about how this woman, who had once been the wife of the high minister of Egypt, turned to be poor and abandoned; and then one day Yusuf, who now became a man of power and authority, passed by her, grieved for her case and, therefore, married her. You will find this story in some books of Qur’an explanation, such as al-Samarqandi and al-Tha`labi, and even in some literary books with narrative contents, such as Nihayat al-Arab and al-Mustatraf. Probably, however, the story is not authentic in the strict sense of the term as held by the critics of narrations. As a matter of fact, the issue is not an important one. It makes no difference whether he really married her or not. A Muslim should not busy himself with such insignificant issues. Rather, a Muslim should busy himself with driving lessons from the stories of Allah’s Prophets.