Sheikh `Abdul-Majeed Subh stated that: Jihad can rather be ‘Pre-emptive’ and not ‘Offensive’. ‘Preemptive’ war is launched only when Muslims know for sure that there is treason against their peaceful treaties with the enemy, when the enemy has a serious plan to attack them. Thus, Islam doesn’t aim to launch haphazard attacks against others just because they have a different creed. Islam calls upon Muslims to have peaceful co-operation with all the nations of the world and to build bridges of how to patch up the rifts and lead a peaceful life. War in Islam is the last resort and it is only done to repel aggression not to impose Islam as a religion. This is the whole aim of the Fatwa. Thus, Islam doesn’t approve to launch jihad for the reason of attacking others but only to repel aggression and deter the attacking enemy. Even those who claim that Islam urges Muslims to go and launch ‘offensive jihad’ are erroneous and bias in their views as Islam itself is against this form of forced conviction and haphazard aggression.

The eminent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi states: Nowadays, there is no need to launch a war to convey the message of Islam. Thanks to the sophisticated means of modern technology, like the satellite channels, broadcasts, the Internet, books and periodicals written in all the world’s languages, which enable us to convey the message of Islam to the entire world without any hindrance from any ruler. These modern means can easily reach every house without permission. All these modern means constitute our powerful and effective weapons that are really needed in our contemporary jihad, but they require a huge army of Muslim callers, teachers and media men who are well-trained, proficient, honest and able to address every nation of today’s world with the language it understands using up-to-date means with the aim to address minds along with the conscience.