Bringing up children is a heavy responsibility. The first concern of Muslims, wherever they may be, has to be holding to the teachings of Islam and bringing up their children by teaching them to stick to the right path.

Muslim children in non-Muslim countries face the danger of melting into the culture and norms of a life that in many aspects contradicts the teachings of their religion. Thus, in these countries, the burden laid on Muslim parents becomes heavier.

A Muslim is allowed to stay in any country in which he or she practices Islam and finds a good environment to raise his or her children on its teachings. What parents are required to do is to spare no efforts in bringing their children upon the teachings of Islam. That is their responsibility. Every generation will be responsible for adhering to the teachings of Islam. In case of inability to practice Islam or to raise children on its teachings, then a Muslim should move to a country where he or she will lead his or her life according to Islam and its values.

Attending to the issue , Dr. Hatem Al-Haj, professor of fiqh at the Sharia Academy of America, said,

The concern about the religious commitment of the offspring is admirable and commendable.

We should do our best to bring up our kids according to the teachings of Islam. We should engrave in their minds and hearts the principle that the deen (Islamic religion and way of life) comes first, and that whenever they feel unable to practice it freely, they should emigrate to another place where they can do so.

Thus, we should not cut our ties with the original lands of Islam. This also applies to the converts who are natives of non-Muslim lands. I know many of them who adopt a particular Muslim country where they feel most comfortable; then they visit this country with their families for long periods of time.

It is permissible for Muslims to live in a non-Muslim land only if they can freely practice their religion and bring up their kids so that they do the same.