The hadith in Bukhari on abrogation of verse of stoning is authentically reported and accepted by the Ummah. The majority of Muslim jurists and scholars agree on that there is a type of abrogation called the abrogation of recitation, which means that the worshipful recitation of some divine verses, including the verse of stoning the adulterers, were arrogated while the rulings they contain are still in force. This does not mean at all that the Qur’an is incomplete. These verses are very few and have been reported to have been abrogated as Quranic recitations. The Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) who collected the Qur’an in one codex knew these verses and knew that they cannot be written in the codex of the Qur’an. They must have known that from the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself who did not leave this world before making clear what constitutes the Qur’an and what does not.

It is the divine wisdom that decided this and we Muslims have to show full submission to the divine will believing that the Qur’an that we have now is complete and preserved. It is Allah who promised to preserve and protect it. We Muslims are proud to have our religion transmitted and reported through overwhelmingly authentic narrations generation after generation.

In fact, reporting these verses and the fact that they were abrogated from one aspect to the exclusion of the other, is a proof in itself for the honesty, accuracy and precision observed by those Companions who collected the Qur’an.