Punishment for Rape in the Qur’an

In reference to the original question posed (MDG9WQ), the questions remain somewhat unanswered. As you can see the main question asked was whether the Quran makes use of the words "ightisab" or "zina bil jabr" occur in the Quran or not. So what is your answer to that?Also in your reply you state that IF a woman is successful in proving her rape through various medical or judicial processes then the rapist will be punished.Can you kindly show any case what so ever in the muslim world or the western where rape cases have gone by so simpl istically as you suggest? Are you aware that rape victims are torn to shreds in court cases and eventually end up broken down and losing the case.Are you aware that proving rape is difficult and rarely happens? Are you aware of the many studies done on human mentality and psychology when raped or abused? Or does psychology play no role in Islam?You mention that several western studies show that rapists are usually under the influence of drugs or alchohol. Do you actually believe that? It would appear that you are linking rape to western life style and insinuating that it is a majorly western plague. Kindly list these "many studies" that you think prove your point, because if you were to go through random rape cases anywhere you would see that rapists rarely are under the influence of anything but malice. They are more than often nice guys, well educated, well established, well liked. They are usually model citizens. Ted Bundy the infamous rapist was a lawyer student and a good citizen.So your answers are not making sense logically but perhaps if you could highliht your references and studies.Also do answer what happens if a woman is unable to prove her rape? Because in all cases she will usually be found guilty of zina seeing as she admits to having had sex (althouhg she calls it rape). Pakistan, Northern NIgeria are frequent practitioners of such cases where the rape is called zina and almost always the woman punished. Is the burden of proof on the vitcim or the rapist?SIt is my understanding from your reply that a woman who is unable to prove her case would most likely be in a difficult position. Would she be punished still?The 4 witnesses you refer to - should the victim bring those or should that be the rapist's task?It is a lengthy issue but we are a group of young m uslims who are currently debating this issue with the prupose of highlighting Islam's stance on rape.So far nothing indicates (Quran) that this can be found as a crime in its own right in the Quran. Am I right? Because I can not find the words for rape in the quran and from your reply I see clearly that zina and rape are not the same thing. Rape is not volunteer.Also may I point out to you that rape need not be accpmnied by screams, struggles, crying or anything other "resistance". The resistance may be mental. Most rape vitcims describe it as going numb and pretending this is not happening to them. If this is the fact then according to your interpretation of Islam, these women would be found guilty of nit fighting against the rape. Again may I refer to the pschology behind rape victims. Children who are rape know no better - so they rarely struggle. They only know it hurts. An adult woman may just be silent because she is in shock. I do think you underestimate the affect of shock and trauma.Is there no room for psychology in islam?Again I must stress - that you take care in repleying to ALL questions in as much detail as possible.Best wishes,Ebru