Depicting the Prophet in Movies

Assalam O AlaikumI am a regular visitor to this website and greatly appreciate the work that you are doing.I am a computer cartoon animator and have aspirations to work on a flash movie of the history of Islam - a small project which is an animated presentation similar to Islamic movies like The Message. I do aspire to make a flash based series of the story of the life of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) - keeping in consideration the fact the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and Most of His Blessed companions are not to be depicted.I have however come under on one hand appreciation for my intentions and yet criticism from some of my peers. Criticism in the sense that some of my peers abhor the idea of such a project considering it as abhorable citing the prohibitions of pictures and music. I am quite confused at this point, for I was inspired to do this project after having seen the animated movie of the Prophet(PBUH) which incidentaly recieved approval from various Islamic authorities such as the Authority of Al Azhar and centers of learning. I would like your scholarly opinion on this matter and whether or not: 1 - It is allowed to work on such a project considering that there will be some drawings and animation of certain characters which will be limited to some of the personalities depicted in the movie the Message 2 - Considering the integration of music in the project. 3 - Further guidelines and advice to what care should be taken in working on such projects.I donot wish to cause any offence to anyone or be involved in any sinful activity.I would greatly appreciate a detailed answer. Thank you for your attention.