Holding Meeting with Non-Muslims in an Islamic Center

Bismillah el Rahman el Rahim,Assalam Aleikum was Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,I am a member of the Markaz El Islam de la Rive-Sud, situated on the South Shore of Montréal, Québec in Canada. One of the buildings owned by the Markaz includes a Masjid occupying more or less 40% of the area, a sports arena and a community center with all the accessories. The construction of the building in question is almost finished, but heavily under funded. In order to attract media attention, promote Center itself, the knowledge of Islam and to create good neighborly relations with the community at large as well as to induce, by way of that positive exposure, access to necessary but untapped financing sources, we are organizing meetings with representatives form the Jewish and Christian faiths, as well as Buddhists and maybe in the future other denominations. We are hoping that the media will be interested in covering such interfaith activities. We have invited these people to the Center for meetings and discussions. We have also invited them to visit the Masjid area, properly dressed and shoeless. They have also been allowed to observe a Jammaa prayer. We have the following questions for you: 1. Is it appropriate to have such meetings in the Community Center, contiguous to the prayer area, considering that:a. At some point in time, the Catholic priest, referred to Maryam Alaiha al Salam as  ?Mary, the mother of God? astaghfur Allah, Taala Allahu Aamma Yacouloun Oullouwan Kabira, b. The same priest wears a cross, 2. We aim at informing the non-Muslims about Islam. The formula under examination is the organization of meetings in the community centers of all participants. In order to have access to their population we have to allow them an equal opportunity. Is it appropriate to organize conferences in the Community Center that would allow these representatives to expose to our community members the points that we have in common as well as some information about the differences, concerning subjects like Peace, Prayer, Faith, Religious activities, Fasting a.s.o. ? 3. Would there be a problem if these activities were to be held in the prayer area? 4. In the event that you would find such meetings in the Community Center to present problems, what would be your suggestions in order to achieve our objectives?Baraka Allah Fikum,