Family Practice Female Doctor Making Testicular Exams

My wife is a medical doctor who is a family practitioner.  She is a 30 year old attractive woman, and we have been married 13 years.  Unfortunately, as part of her training she was taught to do a physical on every male patient that comes into her office  This involves her physically touching man's testicles to feel for lumps.  It also obviously involves her seeing another man's penis.  After doing some research I learned that a man has .0004% chance of having a testicular cancer, and that studies have shown that pre-screening has proven NOT to reduce the mortality rate.  I have also told her that she can simply instruct the man to do the test on himself, since she is suppose to tell him to check monthly anyway, since something could pop up the day after the exam or anytime thereafter, and that all that is being done is feeling for lumps which requires no medical training.  Throughout her 3 years in residency, and two years in private practice, she has never found testicular cancer by feeling a lump.  My wife became very offended insisting that the penis is only anatomy, and as a doctor it means nothing to her and is just part of her job.  I told her that being a doctor does bring her above God’s law, giving her a right see every man’s penis for no real legitimate reason.  I am not comfortable with her seeing the penis of EVERY male patient that walks in her office.  It has gotten to the point where there are people I know who have gone to see her for a COLD, and she has told them to come back in a week for a physical that will involve a testicular exam (which is not why they even came) and they have avoided coming back themselves.  Lastly, she has also informed me that she has had male patients who she has found attractive who came to see her whatever medical reason, and she has still ordered physicals on them (and they are perfectly healthy y oung males).  She insists she is doing nothing wrong and this is part of her being a family practice doctor.  I have spoken with another male internal medicine doctor (which encompasses family practice) and he has told me he rarely does testicular exams, and only does them if that is why the patient specifically came to see him.  My wife is very religious, has a good heart, and insists she is not doing anything wrong.  Can you please shed some light on this issue for me, b/c I am not comfortable with her seeing every man's penis.  She is not a urologist.  I married her before she became a doctor, and this was never my understanding of how she was going to practice medicine.