valid divorce

Divorce by OCD Sufferer

Assalamalaikum respected scholarsa husband asks other scholars about his stuation; he suffers from waswasah and is unsure he said words of divorce one day when on his own, he only has love for his wife. He has fatwa which suggests divorce  does not occur for one who is unsure, has doubts and is suffering from waswasah. however he is an extreme worrier, suffers from anxiety, stress and OCD like behaviour sometimes.  My questions are; 1). If Allah is the only witness who knows if whether the husband did/did not say divorce words, what will be the judgement of the husband in the aakhirah if he remains unsure for the rest of his life if he said such words? 2). The husband is always saying loving words to his wife with intention, genuine love and affection i.e. "i love you my wife", ?i will love you and keep you as my wife? and "you are my loving wife and i am your loving husband"  over the phone. if he was/still is suffering from waswasah about saying divorce (but the wife does not know of his mental anguish), is it also good precaution to say these words to ensure validity of his marriage? 3). Finally, please excuse my wording with regards to the subject of intercourse but if oral sex is permitted and anal sex is haraam - can a married couple kiss or lick each others body during foreplay and intercourse i.e the buttocks (avoiding the anus), inner thighs (avoiding genital fluids) and feet? i hope you do not mind me asking so many specific  questions about islam but i worry too much about the strict laws of islam regarding divorce and sex in islam. I only wish to please Allah like all muslims and do all that which is halaal. Jazaakallah