How someone suffering from enuresis purifies from urine

As salamu alaykum!I don't know what to do anymore. I know that after urinating a muslim man should wait for a few minutes, then wipe his penis or wash it and then he should sprinkle some water on his underwear in order to ward off waswas.I try do do the same, but it is in vain. After urinating I can wait for 10 or even 15 minutes and no more than a few drops of urine would leak, the rest of the urine does not leak (I'm sure of it, it is not just waswas), but if I squeeze my penis more drops of urine (8-9 drops, it depends on how many times and how hard I squeeze it) come out. After urinating if I wait a few minutes and then I squeeze well my penis 8-9 times no urine comes out afterwards.The big problem is that I am frustrated because I heard that some muslim scholars consider the squeezing of the penis bid'a (ibn Taimyya for example). A brother of mine told me that there are scholars who have nothing against this practice (imam Malik for example).My question is: Is the squeezing of the penis after urinating bid'a or not? Please tell me what to do if it is indeed bid'a! And if it is allowed how many times are we allow to squeeze the penis? Do we have to squeeze it hard or gently?I would like to mention that I converted to islam a few years ago and I am not circumcised. I want to do this step also, but for the moment my personal status does not allow me to circumcise.Moreover I was searching for fatwas on the Internet about this problem of mine and those who asked about this were advised to wait more after urinating, even 15 minutes if necessarily, maybe this works if the person with this kind of problem lives in a muslim country, but unfortunately I live in a christian country and I cannot wait that much every time I go to the toilet cause I'll have problems at school/work.