Synthetic Hair

Asalaamulakam brotherI am 30 year old, unmarried female.I have a question in regards to wearing false hair.  I suffer from imbalanced hormones, which means I am have excess hair on face and acne.  There was a time brother, where people would not sit next to me, including muslim sisters.  This all lead to scars in my confidenceToday, my concern is my lost hair.  My hair loss condition started ten years ago.  As soon as, my hair loss condition became obvious to me, I seeked treatment for hair loss experts.  In the last ten years, I have spent more then £10,000 in trying to gain (re-grow) my natural hair (using various treatments).  I have tried really hard.  After exhausting most remedies and treatments to gain my natural hair back, but I feel I have failed.  In addition, I work in a laboratory, and the harsh chemical environment are also adding to my hair loss (I know this because most girls who I work with also are suffering from hair loss).   So the combination of to hormonal imbalance and my work environment have together added to my hair loss problem.The only option left for me is to use false hair strands to volumize my thining hair on my scalp, using synthetic hair.  My intension is not deceive anyone, but to increase my self-confidence, because I am suffering from great psychological effects.I have had a consultation for hair transplant (which is said to be permissible/Halal), but unfortunately my consultant told me that my condition might not be suitable for hair transplant. Please note, that I am female (hence my pain is much more then men, who suffer from hair loss). In addition, also note that I look after my elderly parents, but because I am suffering from depression, they are suffering also.I have been looking the net vigorously, the answer has been confusing. Please brother can you guide me.  I love Allah and do want to upset him and to curse me.  But I need to gain confidence, so that I can earn and fed my poor parents.  I have no brother or sister or any family in this world and me not having confidence means I cannot function properly.And please note, my hair loss is permanent, I will not be able to gain my hair back.  Unlike most hair loss in women, it is temporary for them.  This is not the situation for me, because when I started my hair loss, I turned to a herbalist (who conned me of my money) and its treatment did not work, - but because of the time elapsed in the treatment, my pores had closed (which means most treatments will not grow my hair back).The treatment I want to undergo is thin transparent porous skin-like material is bonded to my scalp through your own hair.  Extra hairs, artificial (I am going to use synthetic hair) will be added to my existing hair. Can you advise if this is permissible, considering the psychological effects hair loss is having on me?  Please note before giving answer I want to mention that I am suffering psychological stress (I have started to get fits in stressful situation) and also being facing abuse by distant relatives. In addition, I want to mention that I have embarrassing scars on the side of my temples and the only way to camouflage them is having my hair open or behind a fringe.   At the moment, because of not having much hair on my scalp, i cannot style my hair to hide my scars, which is further decreasing my confidence and affecting me.Please brother, if you cannot answer my question, can you help me get theanswer, because I am to embarrassed to speak to imam over the phone.Jazarkulla-khair Sister